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May-15-2020 - Update Batch #31 - Construction!
Anther week, another update! This update is very special because it brings us a new skill, Construction! That's not all though, we are also bringing an assortment of bug fixes!

Construction Introduction

This week sees the release of our biggest and most anticipated update this year: player-owned houses. No longer must ScapeRune members wander the world endlessly, never being able to sit down or have a place to call their own. Members can build their houses and make furniture using the new Construction skill. Start by building a cottage with a few chairs around a fire, and add rooms and gain levels until you have your own palace. Some pieces of furniture will unlock new abilities, magic spell tablets, and even chairs you can sit down in.

Fancy a change of scene? As you go up levels your house can be rebuilt in completely different designs ranging from the Rimmington “Shack” look, the Rellekkan Longhall and the Brimhaven Beach-house.

To start you must buy a small house from any of the estate agents in Seers' Village (north-east of the bank), Falador (between the furnace and the east bank), Ardougne (west of the eastern bank) or Varrock (east of the castle).

A full guide to the skill can be found in the Knowledge Base. Open the door to your new “home from home” today!

What is Included

The construction skill is planned to be released in multiple batches in order to keep bug tracking and fixing to a minimal. This is the release of batch one, the basics. The build-able and functional rooms will include: Garden, Parlour, Kitchen, Dining Room, Workshop, and the Bedroom.

In Other News:

  • The Shilo Banker spawns have been patched

  • The museum entering gate message has been corrected

  • Miscellaneous Karamja spawns have been patched

  • Logging out during the canoe travelling cutscene has been patched

  • The Shilo Village cart has been patched

  • Saradomin and Zamorak bracers now have the correct requirements

  • You may now cast crumble undead on Nazastarool

  • A typo in a clue scroll has been patched

  • The agility pyramid clue scroll now functions correctly

  • Core login functionality rework for future development purposes

  • Pirate spawn in Brimhaven has been patched

  • Velaine spawns are patched

  • The Brimhaven cart is now added in Shilo Village

  • The steel key ring is now functional

  • The Sandwich Lady event has been patched

  • Biohazard, Hazeel Cult, Holy Grail, and Shilo Village now all give the correct quest experience

  • The strange plant event has been patched

  • The Camelot construction map has been added

  • The odds of getting a skill specific random event when training a skill are increased.

  • Silver bolts for crossbows have been added

  • Bloodveld spawn in Slayer Tower has been patched

  • Yanni Salika dialogue will now allow you to exchange items

  • The Amazing Farming Equipment Store has been patched

  • Making the Blurite c'bow is patched

  • The Elemental Wizard drops have been patched

  • Baby red dragons now count as a red dragon Slayer task

Mods Ryan, Michael, Hektic, Calvin, David
The ScapeRune Development Team
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