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Account Recovery

Banning an account

If your child’s account is banned, they will receive a message in their inbox that explains which rule they have broken, the severity of punishment they will receive and evidence of their misdeed. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the ban may be temporary or permanent. For verbal offences, we may place a time-specific ‘mute’ on the character. We may also choose to place ‘black marks’ on the account. Comparable to points on a driving licence, these marks indicate to us and the player that they have broken the rules and that any further rule-breaking will result in a harsher penalty.

Appealing an offence

Once an account is banned, the owner will sometimes have the option to appeal the offence. If they are genuinely sorry for breaking the rules they have the option to apologise. If they feel it is our mistake and that the evidence does not support what we are implying, then they can suggest we have made an error. Lastly, if they have had their account stolen or believe they were not in control of the account at the time of the offence, they can tell us so, allowing us to check if a hijacking has been committed.

In some cases, the severity and type of offence will be such that an ‘Offence Appeal’ will not be possible. Be assured that under these circumstances we are certain of our offence detection systems. We will only ban accounts when we are sure that the offender is the owner of the account.

To find out more information on Offence Appeals, see Bans and Mutes.

Password Requests

As highlighted in Account Security, every ScapeRune account is accessed via a unique username and player-chosen password. We encourage our players to choose a password that is easy for them to remember but difficult for others to guess. To avoid forgetting their password, we advise our players to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it very safe. We also stress that players should never divulge their password to anybody else, including friends and family.

If a player discloses their password for any reason, they leave it open for others to use. If your child is having problems accessing their account, it could be that somebody else may have known their password and has subsequently changed it. If this occurs, the player can attempt to retrieve their lost account by submitting a password request form. This form can be found here. This page will ask them for some basic but essential information: the character’s username and the type of query they are asking.

Once they have pressed the continue button on this first page, the password request form will appear. This needs to be completed. It may be the case that not all the questions are relevant to their account, but those that are should be filled in clearly and correctly. The more relevant the information we receive, the better chance we have of determining the true owner of the account.

For more information on password requests, please see our Password support page, in the Customer Support section of the Knowledge Base.

Query Tracking

In order to track a player’s password request, they are given a unique ‘Tracker ID’. To follow the progress of the query from the ScapeRune homepage, select ‘Track a recovery request’ from the left-hand column, about half-way down the page.

[image: password support tracker]

Here, your child can type in their Tracker ID.

Understanding the Rules of Conduct

To ensure that both you and your child are aware of the ScapeRune Rules of conduct, please read through the Rules of Conduct with them and explain the various rules so that they fully understand them.

Why online?

As ScapeRune is a persistent world that is always active, it is fundamentally important that we respond to our players as quickly as possible. The greatest benefit of having an online support system is the speed with which we can receive, process and reply to our player’s queries and password requests.

We aim to produce easy-to-use support systems that are simple enough for young players to navigate, but also thorough enough that we can make informed and correct decisions with the information they provide.

[image: blast furnace]

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