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The Lumbridge Tutors



As you take your first steps around ScapeRune, you may discover that the skills you can train in confuse you, or that you don't know how to begin. It is lucky for you, then, that a number of tutors have recently decided to offer their services free of charge to the people of ScapeRune.

The majority of these tutors are located in and around Lumbridge, though there are a couple who are found further afield. To locate a tutor, look for the 'Guide' key icon [image] on your minimap.

The tutors will offer you information based upon your level in their field of expertise, as well as based upon the quests you have or have not completed, so it's well worth going back every so often to see if they have anything new to tell you about. Most of the information the tutors will offer is available to free players, but obviously information about Fletching and the like is only visible to members.

For further information about any skill, please read the Skill Guides.

Combat Tutors

All of the combat tutors may be found just north of Lumbridge Castle.

[image] Magic and Runecrafting Tutor: Mikasi

Mikasi, like most mages of any significant power, likes to teach people the ways of the runestones. Having spent many years herself learning the finer points of crafting runes and the rituals that bind the Magic to the stones, she has returned to Lumbridge to spread the wealth of her knowledge among the less experienced. More talented practicioners of the arcane arts will find that Mikasi also knows much of use to them.

Free items: Mikasi will give out 30 mind runes and 30 air runes - although these are held on a thirty minute timer, so you will have to wait half an hour before you can collect any more runes from her. You will only get runes of each type if you do not have any of them already. While you cannot collect runes from Mikasi and the Ranged equipment from Nemarti at the same time, you can wait half an hour before going to Nemarti. To collect your runes, right-click on Mikasi and select 'Claim'.
[image: mind runes] [image: air runes]

[image] Melee Tutor: Harlan

Harlan is a warrior of great experience with a kindly personality. His particular interest in the wellbeing of young adventurers has led him to Lumbridge, where he graciously helps out young warriors looking to train in the honour of close combat. Though he specialises in helping very young warriors, he is also well versed in techniques and locations for more advanced training.

Free items: Harlan will gladly equip adventurers with a training sword and a training shield. He will not, however, give them to anyone who already has them (there is no sense in handing them out to someone who already has them, after all). The training sword is the equivalent of a bronze longsword, and the shield is the equivalent of a wooden shield. Neither of them are tradeable.
[image: training sword] [image: training shield]

[image] Ranged and Fletching Tutor: Nemarti

Nemarti is a skilled archer and capable of drawing an arrow to its target from a hundred yards while at a full sprint. Unsurprisingly, then, she is almost the ideal tutor for those who want to train in the arts of the rapid strike from afar. Further, she is also skilled in the art of bow and arrow making, and will gladly explain how to go about this, provided you are a member. Like the other tutors, she will also provide advice for more advanced students seeking to overcome the next hurdle in their training.

Free items: Nemarti and Mikasi, as is common between rangers and mages, do not quite see eye-to-eye; they do have an agreement, though, that they will not offer their wares to each other's students. While you cannot collect the bow and arrows from Nemarti and the Magic equipment from Mikasi at the same time, you can wait half an hour before going to Mikasi. Nemarti will gladly supply anyone who visits her with a training bow and 25 training arrows. This bow can only use these arrows, and the arrows, equally, may only be used by this bow. Like Mikasi, she will distribute arrows and the bow only every half hour, and not to anyone who already has a training bow or training arrows. Like the training sword and shield, these are untradeable.

[image: training bow] [image: training arrows]

Non-Combat Tutors

[image] Cooking Tutor: Cordero

Lumbridge is a particularly gifted town, for it features not only the culinary talents of the castle chef, but also Cordero, a proficient cook who is rumoured to prepare the most fabulous Chompy a la Rantz east of the Feldip Hills. Aspiring chefs may make their way to him for advice on how best to avoid burning their food and where players may find quests requiring them to prepare food.

Cordero can be found in the south of Lumbridge, just south of Bob's Brilliant Axes.

[image] Crafting Tutor: Cadmus

Some tutors and guides are welcomed into the more opulent buildings of Lumbridge, and Cadmus is lucky enough to be one of these. Possibly because the Duke keeps a spinning wheel and he likes the thought that it is kept in use, he allows Cadmus to use that room to give guidance to aspiring artisans who wander there from across ScapeRune. Cadmus will also offer advice to skilled craftsmen who seek advice on how best to advance their skills.

Cadmus can be found on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle, in the room south of Duke Horacio.

[image] Fishing Tutor: Finlay

Finlay is too old to be called a young man; then again, no one is entirely sure whether he ever was a young man. For as long as he can remember he has sat on docks and shore, along the sandy beaches of Karamja, next to flaming lava in monster-infested dungeons - all with the sole aim of catching the finest fish from around ScapeRune. Budding fishermen will discover that he can advise them where to fish around the whole of the world for the finest fish and the greatest range of experiences.

Finlay can be found mending his nets on the banks of the River Lum, south of Lumbridge. You can get there by going through the graveyard in the south of Lumbridge, where a neat path has recently been laid.

Free item: Finlay hates to see a young man go without the joy of fishing, and so he will provide anyone with a small net if they have mislaid theirs.
[image: small net]

[image] Mining Tutor: Monlum

If you are looking for a skill that brings you close to the bedrock of the world, look no further than Mining. You will spend your time either out under the sun, mercilessly swinging your pickaxe against the stone, or in the caverns beneath the world prospecting for ores while avoiding the attentions of some of the less pleasant inhabitants. Monlum has dedicated his life to this humble trade, and is more than happy to spend a few minutes discussing rocks and pickaxes with the skilled and unskilled alike.

Monlum can be found surveying his mine south of Lumbridge. You can find this by following the path that works its way through the graveyard and south to the mine.

Free item: Monlum will give a shiny new bronze pickaxe to anyone who does not already have one.
[image: bronze pickaxe]

[image] Smithing Apprentice: Feoras

Not all of the people who try to help out in Lumbridge are masters of their art. Feoras, for example, has been set to work there by his master, the Smithing Tutor in Varrock. As he is a mere apprentice, he spends most of his time converting ore into bars of base metals and explaining how to do this to any adventurers that happen to wander past looking interested. He will probably recommend that you see Monlum, to the south of Lumbridge, to gather some ore if you don't have some already, and that you practice the simple delight of smelting.

Feoras can be found next to the furnace in the north of Lumbridge.

[image] Master Smithing Tutor: Sani

Sani is almost an artist among smiths: his skill and expertise is rarely seen in the lands of men, and he is the equal of many of the finest dwarven smiths. As such, it is only right that he should be on hand to help out those that wish to follow in his footsteps. He's not too talkative, but his advice has been invaluable to many.

Sani can be found in his smithy south of Varrock's west bank.

[image] Prayer Tutor: Yauchomi

It is not especially surprising to note that the Prayer tutor is a devout Saradominist; then again, in a peaceful town like Lumbridge there is little trace of the worship of other gods. Yauchomi has read much and understands the value of bones and, from talking to adventurers, knows the best prayers for any given situation. Though her position doesn't require that she use prayers very often, she should be your first stop for specific information.

Yauchomi can be found in the church in central Lumbridge.

[image] Woodcutting Tutor: Wilfred

Wilfred is a powerfully built young man, whose arms have seen hundreds of trees fall all across the forests and woods of ScapeRune. He is looking for a more sedate life now, though, and thus has decided to spend some time handing out advice to the aspiring lumberjacks of the world. He does not cut down trees for the fun of it, of course, and will explain the purpose of Woodcutting to anyone willing to listen. More skilled woodsmen will also receive advice about quests and other things to look out for while absorbed in the steady swing of the axe.

Wilfred can be found south of the furnace, in the north of Lumbridge.

Free items: Wilfred, ever eager to see others begin down the path of the lumberjack, will provide anyone with a bronze axe and a tinderbox, provided they do not already have them.
[image: bronze axe] [image: tinderbox]

[image] Bank Tutor
Banks are to be found in dozens of locations across the world, and Duke Horacio is not a poor man, so he has deemed it proper to have a bank located above his very own chambers. Although banking is not a skill in ScapeRune, it is an essential part of any adventurer's experiences - after all, where are you going to keep that granite maul when you decide you'd rather be a mage for a while?

The banking tutor can be found behind the counter in the bank on the top floor of Lumbridge Castle.

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