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About Customer Support

Who are the Customer Support team, and what do they do?

The Customer Support team makes up over half of the ScapeRune staff, and it is continually striving to improve the level of support it gives to players. The team is dedicated to making sure that each and every player gets the best ScapeRune experience possible. Customer Support do this through inbox messages, account management (password requests, for example), in-game moderation and working with the ScapeRune Community to uphold the Rules of Conduct.

How do they manage to deal with all the information/questions from players?

The Customer Support team is made up of numerous teams, each working towards the common goal of helping the players. These teams specialise in different areas of service and support:


The function of these Customer Support teams include:
  • Password requests helping the true owners of accounts to change their passwords and recovery questions.
  • Abuse reports reviewing the Abuse Reports you send in to make sure that those who break the Rules of Conduct are dealt with, to keep ScapeRune an enjoyable place to play for all.
  • Offence appeals taking into consideration all of the evidence available, a fair decision is made about whether to uphold or deny appeals from those who have broken the Rules.
  • Player messages reading and answering the messages sent by players.

Customer Support Billing Team

The Billing team are there to help with the subscription process for becoming a member and safeguarding the details of all those accounts that sign up. Any time a question needs answering about anything to do with being a paying member of ScapeRune then these are the people that will answer it.

Customer Support Moderator Team

The Moderator team helps to support the Player Moderators (silver crowns) and Forum Moderators (green crowns) to help us to keep the game and forums safe, fun and running smoothly. They also offer help and advice to players, both in-game and on the forums. Should you ever be invited to become a moderator then the Moderator team will be your first point of contact.

Customer Support Investigations in the Community Unit (ICU)

ICU have the job of tackling those who wish to cheat and break the ScapeRune Rules of Conduct. They use the information sent in by you, combined with the information they gather themselves, to investigate and take action against anyone seeking to disrupt the game, cheat and generally spoil the game for genuine players.

How do I get in contact with a member of Customer Support?

To get in contact with a member of Customer Support you should click here to be taken to the Customer Support section of the Knowledge Base. Here you can find details of how to contact Customer Support about a range of subjects.

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