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Protecting our Players

ScapeRune is a multiplayer game played by hundreds of thousands of people every day, all of whom can chat with thousands of other like-minded players from around the world. It’s an excellent opportunity for our users to speak and interact with many new and exciting people.

To ensure that ScapeRune remains a safe environment for all of our players, we have developed a number of in-house teams and systems that are designed to prevent all kinds of rule-breaking. What follows is some information on the measures we take to maximise the amount of protection and support we can provide.

Player safety is our absolute number-one priority.

Activities relating to player safety

We want all of our players to play ScapeRune with the knowledge that they are well-protected. This is why we ensure that we have a number of different methods of monitoring and policing the game:

  • A Customer Support team which works 24 hours a day, processing tens of thousands of reports and queries every single day, finding and taking action against anybody who attempts to cause trouble in-game.

  • Player moderators – a group of several thousand carefully chosen players who have the ability to temporarily mute others, which can diffuse a large number of issues. They can also escalate any concerns to our Customer Support team. This is an extremely useful activity – player moderators help as our ‘eyes and ears’, giving us much needed intelligence about any incidents that are going on in the game.

  • Forum moderators – another group of carefully selected players who monitor the forums and prevent rule breaking. They also have the ability to escalate selected issues to our Forum team.

  • ScapeRune moderators – members of ScapeRune staff who also monitor the game, player and forum moderators, as well as the website, on a regular basis.

  • ICU (Investigation in the Community) – a specialised unit dedicated to the investigation of community-related issues. There are many important sub-units that make up ICU, including a highly-skilled team who are solely committed to dealing with child protection issues.

  • The ‘Report Abuse’ function – a way for any player to report a case of rule-breaking to our Customer Support team, as and when it happens in-game. To ensure that these reports are monitored effectively, we have a large team working 24/7, who are responsible for processing all reports according to priority.

  • On top of all this, we have a number of internal systems that help us spot errant behaviour and be able to deal with it effectively. These systems are being reviewed continuously and are always undergoing further development. This way we can ensure that our technology is as effective as possible.

Should we encounter a serious incident that gives us any cause for concern for player safety, we will be in close contact with the local and national police, and government child protection agencies around the world, with whom we have a policy of unreserved cooperation. There is no excuse for any act that warrants this level of response, so any such incident would be taken extremely seriously.

Law enforcement agencies we work with

We have developed collaborative relationships with a number of organisations, who have helped strengthen our ability to protect our community.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency (CEOP) is a UK law enforcement agency who is dedicated to the safety of internet users all over the world. With their help, we have learnt how best to deal with a huge variety of different issues, as well as receiving ongoing support for our Customer Support teams.

Also, the CEOP are part of the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) - a group of international law enforcement agencies from around the world who work together to protect children online. With members including the US Department of Homeland Security and Interpol, the VGT is a very important resource. With their help, we can ensure that our players will always receive the highest level of protection possible.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is a UK-based charity working in child protection, which has excellent knowledge and experience of child safety-related issues. Together, we can make sure that ScapeRune remains a friendly and safe place to play.

CEOP, VGT, NSPCC, Cyber Tipline and WiredSafety logos

Our connections are not limited to these organisations, however. We are always looking to form new relationships with agencies who offer help and support in the area of online protection, such as www.cybertipline.com or www.wiredsafety.org, who provide help and advice for both children and adults alike.

We will also continue to support both regional and national police forces from around the world, as well as provide information, on request, to agencies such as the United States Secret Service and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

For more information on how to protect your child online, please visit our Play Safely page and our Parents’ Guide.

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