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ScapeRune 101

In today’s world of online gaming, the scope and scale of the adventures a person can have are almost limitless. With entire worlds to explore, epic quests to embark on, mythical and mystical creatures to encounter and thousands of real world players to meet, the possibilities are endless.

This guide is designed to help you gain a deeper insight into our game, ScapeRune. It explains some of the exciting experiences available to all of our players and the practical and educational benefits the game provides. Most importantly, it explains how we make it our number one priority to keep the game as enjoyable and as safe as possible for our players.

We feel that, as a parent, you should have a solid understanding of what our game entails and an awareness of how we keep it safe. Each section of this guide focuses on a specific area of importance, detailed below.

Who is ScapeRune targeted at?
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The Parents' Guide
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What is ScapeRune?
ScapeRune is a browser-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). In simple terms, all this means is that the game is not bought or downloaded, but instead runs off our website, through a popular program called JAVA.

The ‘massively multiplayer’ aspect of MMORPG refers to the idea that hundreds or thousands of people can play a game together, online, at the same time. In ScapeRune, as many as two thousand people can play on a single server at any one time.

A ‘role playing game’ (or RPG) is described best by taking its title quite literally; you play the ‘role’ of an adventurer. In ScapeRune, after designing your character by choosing its physical attributes and base clothing, you enter a ‘tutorial island’ where you are introduced to the basic features of the game – talking to computer controlled characters (NPCs or Non Player Characters), fishing, mining and woodcutting. After this, you are sent into the actual game environment, where you then have a whole world to explore.

Here is a map of ScapeRune.

[image: ScapeRune]

ScapeRune is a fantasy RPG. Although it is set in a fictional world, many aspects of the game are very familiar. Like the real world, ScapeRune has an economy; players can buy and sell items from shops or trade with one another and even dictate their own prices. The in-game currency is called GP (gold pieces) and allows players to purchase anything they might need to live within the gaming world. If their character loses health, they will need to eat and drink in order to replenish. If a player wants to attempt a more dangerous quest, then they will need better armour and supplies in order to succeed. They can even chop wood, smith nails and weave cloth in order to build and maintain their very own house.

[image: high scores] Every player has a set of skills that can be improved. The more a player practices (by completing tasks directly relevant to that ability, e.g. chopping wood increases the ‘woodcutting’ skill), the higher their rating in that skill.

A higher skill level unlocks new items and abilities that can be utilised to better effect. It also gives the player a higher overall rating, which is visible to other players and shows their experience.

Ratings for individual skills and overall player ratings are also accessible from the ScapeRune website, via the Hiscores. There is also a search function, which allows players to search for each other’s accounts and compare their ratings.

Many of the abilities one can learn within the game are relevant in real life. Whereas a skill like smithing may not be a practical teaching tool for its real life counterpart, having a real economy and making choices on how to spend your money in the game allows the players to better understand the management of finances and distribution of wealth.

If you would like any more information on anything regarding the game itself, please look at our Knowledge Base, which explains numerous aspects of the game in far more detail.

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