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What is ScapeRune?

ScapeRune, which stands for Java Gaming Experts, is the name of the company which produces the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, MMORPG, ScapeRune as well as some other small games.

In December 2001 Andrew Gower, Paul Gower and Constant Tedder got together and founded ScapeRune Limited as a commercial operation to take over the running of ScapeRune, underlying technologies and other games developed by Andrew. ScapeRune had, already by then, become a game which had had over 1 million accounts created by 2001!

The three founders set out with two immediate tasks: firstly to make the operation of ScapeRune commercially viable, establishing long term advertising sales relationships, and secondly to develop a premium version of the game for subscription-paying members.

Both of these tasks were achieved soon after, and on 27th February 2002 ScapeRune launched the members' version of ScapeRune. In the first week after launch over 5000 people subscribed, making ScapeRune instantly one of the largest pay-to-play Java games in the world.

In March 2004 ScapeRune was updated heavily. The new version, which is often referred to as ScapeRune 2 (RS2), features a completely new game engine and vastly improved graphics.

Since that date, ScapeRune has gone from strength to strength; expanding as both a game - with regular updates giving new storylines, quests and maps produced by the Content Development team - and as an ever-growing community of sociable online game players.

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