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Wanted! (Members)


A dangerous, exiled criminal called Solus has returned once more to threaten the civilised lands of ScapeRune.

The White Knights responsible for dealing with this threat don't seem capable of meeting the challenge... perhaps some adventurer can succeed where they have failed?

Use all of your tracking skills, and a little Temple Knight technology, to track him down and bring this criminal to justice once and for all!

Start point:
Falador Park

To start:
Speak to Sir Tiffy

Quest length:

Members only:
Minimum requirements:

32 Quest Points


The Lost Tribe
Priest In Peril
Recruitment Drive
Rune Mysteries

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Experience Other Quest points

5000 Slayer

Access to White Knight armoury

1 QP

Developer: James B

Graphics: Joe R

Quality Assurance: Adam D

QuestHelp: Rob K

Audio: Ian T

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