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Watchtower (Members)


The wizards of the Yanille Watchtower have been reporting increased ogre sightings recently.

Use a wide variety of your skills to help the wizards recover their stolen power crystals and stop the advance of the ogre hordes!

Start point:
Watchtower close to city gates of Yanille

To start:
Speak to Watchtower Wizard

Quest length:

Members only:
Minimum requirements:


Level 25 Agility
Level 14 Herblore
Level 14 Magic
Level 40 Mining
Level 15 Thieving

Also useful:

Must defeat level 68 monsters

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Experience Items Other Quest points

15250 Magic

5000 coins

Ability to use Watchtower Teleport

4 QP

Developer:Paul Gower Developer:Tony W
Conversion:James B Graphics:Matthew M
QuestHelp:Gillan M QA:Andrew C
Audio:Ian T

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