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The Cost

ScapeRune is one game split into two formats: Free-to-play and subscription-based (Members).


The free-to-play version is available to everyone, allowing players to access up to eighteen quests and plenty of items and skills, totalling many hours of gameplay. No payment of any kind or billing/personal information is required to enjoy the game, you simply log on and play!


For only a small monthly fee, the player is given access to more areas of the ScapeRune world map. This means that there are hundreds of new opportunities available to the player, including special ‘Members Only’ skills, items and exclusive minigames.
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Each month we make a number of updates that introduce new elements to the game. Often, these will include new adventures for the player to participate in. These adventures are called ‘quests’ and give players an opportunity to explore ScapeRune, improve their character’s abilities, and also learn from the challenges that each quest presents to them.

These challenges can come in the form of clever and fun riddles, logical and mathematical puzzles, and much more. The variety of tasks a player can complete ensures that there is always something new and exciting to try. Moreover, these exercises are an excellent learning tool for those wishing to improve their problem solving skills.

For more details, check out our Members Benefits Page.

As well as the benefits of extra content, members get priority feedback to queries and offence reports. They are also provided with their own dedicated Members’ worlds, which can only be entered by those subscribing to ScapeRune.

Depending on your chosen method of payment (Credit Card, PayByCash, PayByPhone, PayBySMS) and the country you subscribe from, membership will cost between $5.00 USD and $7.95 USD per month. To find out more information about subscription to ScapeRune, please click here.

Subscription Security

As a security-conscious company, we would like to assure you that any personal information you disclose when subscribing to ScapeRune is protected.

The areas of our site in which you input sensitive details use an industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption when sending information to our server. This means that it is virtually impossible for anyone to intercept any of your personal details.

SSL is a protocol, developed to safely transmit private documents over the Internet. In short, the SSL encrypts your personal information – credit card numbers, address, telephone numbers etc – by breaking it down and rearranging it.

Once the intended server receives that code, it is rebuilt into its original form. When on our server, all credit card numbers are stored and encrypted. ScapeRune staff do NOT have access to these details.

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