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Account Security

One of the most effective ways to keep a ScapeRune account secure is to be aware of the problems that might occur and know how to effectively deal with them. To help direct our players to more prominent security concerns, we have a number of security measures that are designed to teach our players the importance of safeguarding their private and personal information.

Educational Banners

In order to show our players a variety of useful security tips, we have implemented banner adverts into our website. These short animations imitate an in-game security problem and then show the player how to resolve or prevent it. These often appear on the front page of our website and change on a regular basis in order to educate our players on a variety of important security issues.

Again, we would like to draw your attention to our Scamming Prevention guide and Security Information pages.


When creating an account, your child will be asked to set a password.

[image: setting a password]

We would ask that you encourage your child to keep the password a secret, even from siblings. Each account should only be used by one person.

Also, we recommend that your child’s password is easy for them to remember, but difficult for others to guess. This helps avoid the issue of having to write it down, which inevitably makes the account more vulnerable.

If a player forgets their password or loses access to their account, they must send in a password request form. To successfully retrieve their account they will have to give evidence that proves they are the original owner, by providing information such as previous passwords and correct answers to recovery questions.

Please see Account Recovery

Recovery Questions

To help resolve a case of an account hijacking or loss of password, we suggest to our players that they set a number of recovery questions. When a player sends in a password request for their account, these questions help us determine to whom the account genuinely belongs.

As with passwords, we suggest that the questions and answers are unique to the user, but not difficult to remember, as there may be a long period of time where they are not required to use them. And again, we stress the importance of not making the answers too obvious. A player can change these at any time, so if an answer to one of their questions becomes obsolete (i.e. where you live; your favourite song, etc) you can correct it.

Please see Account Recovery

Bank Pins

A prime reason why players attempt to hijack accounts is to gain access to a character’s inventory - their bank. In order to prevent this, we have implemented a bank PIN (personal identification number) system, much like the one you would use with a real bank account. The player simply chooses four digits (again, we recommend a sequence that is easy to remember) and that same code will be required the first time they access their inventory, every time they log on.

To find out more about bank PINs, please see our Bank Pin page on our Knowledge Base.


A big concern we share with many players in ScapeRune is account hijacking, the act of taking control of another player's account. With many hours invested in creating and moulding a character, it can be distressing to find out that it has been stolen.

A problem that shares many similarities with ‘hijacking’ is the act of ‘scamming’. Scams come in many forms, but the fundamental similarity is the acquisition of another player’s items through misinformation, confusion and pressure, or by taking advantage of basic trust.

Some unscrupulous players may ask for another player's password. While it is true that we block you from typing your password, don't do it in case you mis-type it in such a way that it is still obvious. The password blocker is also designed to block any sentence in which the password appears, so that it cannot be determined from context. Again, though, do not 'test' this to see if it is true.

Please note that the password blocker only works in the game window, not in the forums or any other location.

The largest breaches of security come from players giving out sensitive information, or not keeping their computer security up-to-date. Described in this article are just some of the methods we employ to prevent these breaches of security. There are also ways in which you too can help.

For more detailed information on protecting your computer and avoiding in-game scams, please look at our Scamming Prevention guide and Security Information pages.

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