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Keeping Healthy

Our interest in safety is not limited to your child’s accounts. As a company that creates games for thousands to enjoy, we naturally take an active interest into the well-being of those players. Moreover, we have collated some essential information that will help keep players in good health.

The majority of problems people encounter while spending an extended length of time on a computer are physical, i.e. muscle aches and pains caused by poor posture, or sore eyes due to extensive playtime without breaks. These problems, and many others, can be easily resolved with a little bit of guidance.

Here are links to two very important pages of information.

Our Health and Safety page gives advice on issues such as photosensitivity and repetitive strain injury.

Our Responsible Gaming Policy gives both you and your child a breakdown of how to enjoy ScapeRune responsibly, without compromising their health or impairing their enjoyment of the game.

How you can help

With all the help and support we provide for our players, we will always welcome the added guidance and advice that parents can provide. Joining in with your children’s hobbies and activities - whatever they may be - is a great way to relieve any worries or apprehensions you may have and will also allow you to talk to your children about the things they enjoy.

While there is no limit to how long an account can be logged in for, we do believe that there is a role for parents in exercising limits to their children’s playtime, by allocating a responsible amount of time for gaming and other activities such as sport or reading. This helps give the child a balanced lifestyle that will keep them both active and entertained.

If at any time you feel that your child’s use of ScapeRune is exceeding a responsible amount, or if you are having difficulty maintaining some or all of the steps in our Responsible Gaming Policy, it might be useful to seek help and advice from a medical professional.

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