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Player Safety

By far the most important aspect of any online community is the safety of those who inhabit it. With more than half of ScapeRune committed solely to Customer Support, we are dedicated to keeping ScapeRune a fun, safe and secure place to be. This page covers some of the more prominent ways in which we monitor the game and also explains how the players themselves can help keep the community safe.

ScapeRune can be played twenty-four hours a day and because of this, we must make sure that support is available for those who require our assistance. Our Customer Support Team work day and night and communicate closely with our players, which allows us to gain a better understanding of the support they require. We can then use this information to improve our current system.

If you are the parent of a player and would like to report a serious incident or concern, email: [image]. You must include the ScapeRune account name of your child and a detailed description of the exact nature of your enquiry.

Please remember that ordinary enquiries relating to an account must be submitted to us via the Customer Support section of our website and must not be sent to this address.

Reporting Abuse

One way in which we give players better security is by giving them the ability to report any abuse they receive from any player in the game. By clicking on the ‘Report Abuse’ button on their screen, they can type in the offending player’s name and then click the relevant category of abuse.

[image: report abuse button]

[image: report abuse menu]

For example, if a player is insulted or verbally attacked, they could select the ‘offensive language' category. In contrast, if a player is coaxed into giving away any personal information, they might choose to select ‘contact details’.

When a player submits an abuse report, our Customer Support Team receives a snapshot of the conversation between the reporter and the reported, allowing our team to effectively decide what punishment (if any) is required.

It is important to note, however, that players must not abuse the system by submitting false reports. Anyone found to be misusing Customer Support will have appropriate actions taken against them. To find out more about our Rules of Conduct, please click here.

Chat Filter

To help maintain a non-specific player demographic and keep the game accessible to people of all ages, we have a sophisticated chat-filter system that detects and blocks any profanities that are typed into the chat window. We also make every effort to ensure that any web addresses and requests for telephone numbers or player's address are blocked, which adds to the protection of the player’s account and personal information. This filter list is modified regularly, meaning that we are continually making it much more difficult for players to bypass the system.

[image: blocking chat]

Player Protection

As an online MMORPG, a big part of our game is the way the community engages with each other, via the game and website. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages and races to come together and enjoy each other’s company – helping each other out with quests, puzzles and minigames, or just to chat while they explore the virtual world.

However, it is important to remember that ScapeRune enables people to explore identity – not everyone is who they say they are. For example, a player’s character may be female, but in real life the player is male. The virtual world allows us to be who we want to be. Whilst this can have positive benefits, there are always potential problems with an open community of people. Much as in real life, when not monitored, there are those that choose to exploit a harmless situation and use it for their own harmful benefits.

In the very rare instances where we receive a report of serious or persistent abuse, we take it extremely seriously. When we are made aware of such cases, we immediately liaise and co-operate with the appropriate authorities, in order to track suspicious behaviour and ensure that any culprits are caught.

As well as safeguarding players from behind the scenes, we feel that it is extremely important to also make our presence known in the game. To accomplish this, we have a combination of staff members and selected ScapeRune players, each of which are given ‘moderator’ status. This means that although they remain regular players, they are given specific abilities that allow them to deal with troublemakers more efficiently.

Player Moderators

Player moderators are in-game players who are valued and respected within the ScapeRune community. They are chosen carefully; we make every effort to ensure that moderators have the same attitude and care towards player safety as we do.

Like all of our players, moderators have the ability to report abuse. As an added security measure, they are also given the ability to temporarily mute any wrongdoer for a period of 48 hours. This allows us to action the report without fear that the player may continue to cause trouble.

As well as reporting, moderators are there to educate our players – something that we encourage and endorse. Their experience allows them to communicate with players at all levels, while their status commands respect so that they are listened to. It is an aspiration of many players to become moderators themselves. This is an encouraging sign; it tells us there are regular players as well as recognised ones that are looking after ScapeRune with us.

[image: jmod chat] Our staff moderators work in much the same way as player moderators. We are defined by a gold crown symbol that appears next to our text when we write.

[image: pmod chat] For a player moderator this symbol is silver. For more information on moderators, please follow this link to the ScapeRune Knowledge Base

Forum Moderators

Aside from the main game, a large part of our community resides in the online ScapeRune Forums. Like the game itself, our Forums have both staff and player moderators. Their main role is to monitor the topics of conversation and control any inappropriate behaviour. Together with our Community Management team who oversee all moderator activity, they supervise all Forum content, making sure that all unsuitable posts and problematic players are immediately removed from the site.

How you can help

There are a number of ways in which you can help prevent many of the problems highlighted here. Firstly, we highly recommend that parents play ScapeRune and familiarise themselves with the game. This will give you a better understanding of your child’s experience and will also allow them to communicate their problems to you more clearly.

We also advise that you read and explain our rules to your children before allowing them to play the game. Not only will this help them avoid being tricked into giving away important personal or account information (click here for an example of a ‘scam’), but it will also make them more aware of the possible dangers involved.

For more information on player safety, check out the Play Safely article in the Knowledge Base.

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