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Give us feedback

Thank you for taking the time to comment on our service. We are keen to provide the best player support possible and as such have provided numerous ways in which players can supply us with feedback. To ensure that all of the player feedback is utilised in the best way, we have separated feedback into sections. Please read the following carefully.


For information regarding our adverts and advertisers, please see the Knowledge Base category "Advertising" available here.

Game Suggestions

For us to improve the game in line with what our players desire, we like to view the discussions our players have about a new idea. Therefore we ask for all new and exciting game ideas to be placed on the Suggestion Forum where developers can read the ideas and the opinions of all of our players. Please be sure to read the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Specific Rules before posting, though, or you might accidentally break the rules and have your brilliant ideas locked!

If you have suggestions or feedback about any part of the forums, please use the Forum Feedback Forum.

For suggestions and feedback about the website, please head to the Website Feedback Forum.

To access the Forums click here.

Privacy Concerns

If you have any concerns about the way we handle your personal information, please take the time to read our Privacy Policy.

If this does not answer your question then you can contact us by sending in a Privacy Concern Message.


If you have any genuine complaints regarding your account or the level of service you have received please click here.

Other Comments

If the above does not cover the type of feedback that you wish to provide, click here.

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