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Beginners' Guide

Leaving Tutorial Island and Entering the Mainland

[image: map of tutorial island]

When you are first sent to the main land from Tutorial Island you will find yourself in Lumbridge outside Lumbridge Castle.


[image: map showing key icons in lumbridge]

Lumbridge contains many things to do. From here you can start to improve on those skills that you were taught to use in Tutorial Island, visit the shops, windmill and castle, kill some goblins or start a quest.

Be sure to talk to the tutors and the Lumbridge Guide who are scattered around Lumbridge. The tutors are there to help players advance their skills, and are able to provide players with information even if they are not new to the game. Click here to find out more about the tutors.

If you can't see them, the tutors and the Lumbridge Guide can be identified by the following symbol on the mini-map: [image]
Lumbridge Guide

There are different levels of quests in ScapeRune - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced and Master.

To find the starting location of possible quests to begin, look for the Quest Start symbol on your mini map - [image]. If you are unsure of how to use the different maps in ScapeRune please see the World Map View article in the Controls Guide.

Lumbridge can offer you a selection of the different types of quest available in ScapeRune. However, for a new player the novice level quests are the most suitable. These will provide you with the experience of undertaking a quest and will help build up your initial skills.


Some of the quests available in Lumbridge are :

  • Cook's Assistant - start by speaking to the cook in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle, which is on the ground floor.
  • The Restless Ghost - start by speaking to the priest in the church opposite Lumbridge Castle.
  • Sheep Shearer - start by speaking to the farmer in the house just south-east of the windmill in Lumbridge.
  • Rune Mysteries - start by speaking to the Duke in Lumbridge Castle on the first floor.

For a list of all of the novice quests available in ScapeRune please see the Novice Quest listings.

[image] Skills [image]

When you first arrive in Lumbridge you may find that you need to obtain various items before you can start training your skills. To get yourself used to the skills used in ScapeRune we recommend that you start by training the following skills:

[image] Woodcutting [image]

Once you get to Lumbridge you can immediately start to train this skill because the only item you'll require is a woodcutting axe, which you can get by talking the Woodcutting tutor just north of Lumbridge Castle. This skill is useful because it enables you to obtain a ready supply of logs that can be used to level up some of your other skills. For more information on this skill please see our Woodcutting Guide.

[image] Firemaking [image]

This is one of the easiest skills to start training. All you need is a tinderbox and some logs. You can also get a tinderbox from the Woodcutting tutor just north of Lumbridge Castle. Firemaking is essential when you are not near a cooking range so that you can cook your meat or fish in order to restore your Hitpoints after a battle. For more information on this skill please see our Firemaking Guide.

[image] Cooking [image]

Cooking is a useful skill because you provide yourself with food to heal those lost Hitpoints, instead of using money to buy food. The chicken pen to the north-west of the general store in Lumbridge will provide you with raw meat to start building this skill. For more information about the Cooking skill please see the Cooking Guide.

[image] Fishing [image]

This skill gives you an alternative method of obtaining food other than by killing an animal and cooking the meat dropped. It is an essential skill throughout the game, as some food - in particular certain types of fish - can heal more Hitpoints than others. For more information on this skill please see our Fishing Guide.

[image] Mining and Smithing [image]

Mining allows you to extract different materials from certain rocks. Using the ores that you get from the rocks you can smelt them into bars and smith the bars into useful items. For a beginner, these two skills can be useful because from a low level you can make useful items to help you in battle. For a novice it will be wise to make some armour to protect yourself against attacks when building up your combat. See the Mining Guide or the Smithing Guide for any further information on these skills.

[image] Combat [image]

Combat is divided into many skills - Attack, Defence, Hitpoints and Strength. You can start to train these skills as soon as you have a weapon - this may be an axe or sword etc. You can get a training sword and training shield by talking to the Melee tutor north of Lumbridge Castle. By levelling up your combat skills you can kill higher level monsters more easily, and hence receive more valuable rewards. For more information about combat please see our Combat Guide.

For more information about all the skills available to train in ScapeRune please see the Skills section of the Manual.

[image] Other players [image]

Playing an online role-playing game like ScapeRune will require you to communicate and sometimes rely on the help of others in order for you to complete your tasks. Some players make use of this opportunity by trading with others and creating alliances to build up a network of friends that they can rely on in-game to help them. For more information about the advantages of having friends in ScapeRune please see our Controls guides on Friends and Trading.

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