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What are ScapeRune's contact details?

We are sorry, but due to security reasons we do not offer telephone support to the players of ScapeRune. It is our policy for us to only communicate with our members via the ScapeRune Messaging system, which we believe is totally adequate for any communication you wish to send us.

If you have something you wish to send that is larger than the message system character limit will allow then please split it and send us the message in multiple posts.

Our postal address is:

St Andrews House,
90 St Andrews Road,
Cambridgeshire CB4 1DL,

Please be aware that:

  • No game queries, account queries, ban appeals, membership issues, or similar messages that would normally be handled via the ScapeRune Messaging system will be dealt with via this address.
  • We will not be able to return any items that are sent to us, even if a returns package is included.

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