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Zogre Flesh Eaters (Members)


Run for your lives...the zombie ogres are here for your flesh! An ogre ceremonial dance area, used to communicate with ancient ogrish ancestors, has been overrun with diseased undead ogres.

How could something like this have happened? And what sort of rewards could an enterprising adventurer gain from exploring the tombs of such a place?

Start point:
West of Gu'Tanoth and south of the Castle Wars arena

To start:
Speak to Grish

Quest length:

Members only:
Minimum requirements:


Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Jungle Potion

Also useful:

Must be able to defeat a level 111 foe

The following would be an advantage:
Level 8 Herblore
Level 30 Ranged
Level 4 Smithing
Level 20 Strength
Level 30 Fletching

To see the rewards for this quest, please click below:

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Experience Other Quest points

2000 Fletching
2000 Herblore
2000 Ranged

Ability to use composite ogre bows and brutal arrows.
Ability to make disease-cure potion

1 QP

Developer: Tytn H

Graphics: Anthony A, John S

Quality Assurance: Martin I

QuestHelp: Dan O'H

Audio: Ian T

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